Gravity Perks v2.1.2 NULLED - Addons for Gravity Forms WordPress

Gravity Perks v2.1.2 NULLED - Addons for Gravity Forms WordPress

Gravity Perks Perks are plugins, powered by Gravity Perks, that add new features for Gravity Forms. These are the set of 30+ essential additions Gravity Forms. Seamless integration - do not waste time learning a new system. Gravity Perks seamlessly integrates with existing Gravity Forms interfaces.

The Gravity Perks

GP Disable Entry Creation
Disable entry creation perform with Gravity Forms.

GP Price Range
Specify a minimum/maximum price for “User Defined Price” product fields.

GP Reload Form
Reload the form following an AJAX submission. Useful in situations where you would like to allow multiple form submission without refreshing the page.

GP Limit Checkboxes
Limit how many checkboxes can be checked.

GP Terms Of Service
Add a “Terms of Service” field to your forms.

GP Word Count
Limit the number of words that can be submitted in a Single Line Text, Paragraph Text and Post Body fields.

GP Email Users
Send a quick email to all users who have submitted a specific form.

GP Pay Per Word
Create products which calculate a total based on the number of words in a Paragraph of Post Body field.

GP Placeholder
Add support for HTML5 placeholders to Gravity Forms.

GP PayPal One-time Fee
Add a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription.

GP Expand Textareas
Tiny textareas in the form editor can be a challenge! Load form editor textareas in a modal window for easy editing.

GP Copy Cat
Allow users to copy the value of one field to another automatically or by clicking a checkbox. Is your shipping address the same as your billing? Copy cat!

GP Auto Login
Automatically log users in after registration.

GP Blacklist
Validate your form against your WordPress comment blacklist.

GP Read Only
Mark your form fields as read-only to allow users to see field data but not modify it.

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