Gravity Flow v2.5.1 NULLED - Automate WordPress Business Processes

Gravity Flow v2.5.1 NULLED - Automate WordPress Business Processes

Gravity Flow is a premium WordPress plugin designed to automate repetitive business processes. In addition, it enhances control and accounting, increases information openness, minimizes errors, clarifies duties. Gravity Flow is suitable for all types of businesses. If you own a business or work n an environment that requires approvals, tracking, and needs to speed up any process Gravity flow is the perfect tool.

Features of Gravity Flow 

Feedback & Review Loops
Modify forms before approval
Implement review loops allowing users to edit their values before re-submitting for approval. Use workflow conditional logic to branch the process or skip steps.

Rapid Implementation
Simple and easy to use
Configure as many Workflow Steps as you need. Drag and drop them into the right order, activate/deactivate them and add new ones as your process adapts. No programming, technical knowledge or complex training required. You shouldn't be paying for an entire team of developers just to get up and running.

Robust, Powerful & Flexible
Over 40 different step types
Steps include approval, user input/edit, notification, webhooks and integration triggers for third-party services.

Keep track of performance
Detailed reports display how long each task is taking and highlights bottlenecks.

Suitable for Any Business Process
Automate anything requiring a form
Vacation requests, Purchase Orders, Admissions Forms, RFPs, Project Initiation Plans, Case Management... virtually any business process can be automated.

Easy compliance with data privacy regulations
Secure by design
Your private business data, and your customers' personal information, is always securely stored on your own server. Build workflows to delete personal data automatically after a reasonable amount of time.

Involve Anyone: Customers, Suppliers or Employees
User accounts not required
Assign Steps to Users, Roles, or Email Addresses. Assignees do not need a user account in order to participate in workflows.

Improve Communication and Reduce Confusion
Fewer phone calls and follow-up emails
Stop micro-managing. Keep everyone in the loop. Help internal teams focus more on the task and less on the process. Make it easy for customers and suppliers to participate in the workflow.

Responsive Front-End
Designed for mobile & desktop
Display the UI in the front-end or use the built-in admin pages to list pending tasks, view entry details, workflow forms and the status of submissions.

Audit Trail
Track everything
Keep track of who did what and when in the detailed Timeline and Activity Log. Includes comments, timestamps and step and status information.

Scheduling & Expiration
Set deadlines and control timing
Delay a workflow step until a specified date or until a specified period of time has elapsed; particularly useful when configuring a series of emails to drip feed content over a period of time.

Extensible & Developer-Friendly
Plenty of hooks and Workflow APIs
With the REST API, the Workflow Step API, the Orchestration API, and a multitude of action and filter hooks, developers can easily customize the functionality and create new step types.

Professional Translations
Available in your language
The core plugin and all the extensions are translated into over 12 languages including French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, & Chinese.

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