Botble - Laravel CMS, CRUD generator

Botble - Laravel CMS, CRUD generator

Botble is a CMS framework like wordpress and joomla written in Laravel php, it is CRUD generator where one can pubish a beautiful CMS, Blog, or any kind of beautiful news portal. Botble is written with powerful permission system. The system helps to manage user, team and there roal by permission. Easy to manage page, blog, menu, Contact and more modules. 

Features of Botble:

  • Powerful permission system
  • User and role management
  • Page, blog, Menu and main components managent, 
  • Handful of jquery components.
  • Responsive and user friendly.
  • Coding Standard Validated by Codeship.
  • Beautiful theme included.
  • Widget generator.
  • Teme options.
  • Gallery and media management.
  • Pluging: ads awesome features to your site by premade plugins.
  • And more awesome features.


Download at: